Arthur Murray Wedding Dance Lessons

It is our experience that every couple has different needs, preferences and time schedules but everyone has the ability to be a good dancer with enough time. Wouldn’t it be great to have the romance of dancing for the rest of your lives together! We can put something together that is uniquely yours.


That First Dance

You have dreamed about that first dance with your husband since you were a little girl. He would take you in his arms, and the two of you would glide across the room, gazing into each other’s eyes, very much in love.

The reality is that as a couple you can barely coordinate dinner plans. As you plan the big day, you realize that both of you will be captured by that expensive videographer clumsily dancing a standard box-step to a very meaningful song.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios has been teaching couples how to dance together for a century. So many couples have relied on them to make their first dance as a married couple something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Not only do the bride and groom share their first dance, but Daddy gets one last dance with his little girl. Traditionally, the man leads, but that doesn’t mean the girl can keep in step with him. Now that she doesn’t have to stand on his feet, wouldn’t it be nice if Daddy’s little girl made sure her feet can keep in step with Daddy’s?

Mommy’s Little Boy

Yes, Mommy gets her turn with her special little boy. Of course, that’s a lot of pressure for Mommy’s Little Boy! It will be his turn to lead, and if he doesn’t know how to lead her, it can be a deflating experience for both of them. Perhaps it’s time for her little boy to show her how much he’s grown by whisking her out on the dance floor and giving her a Mother’s Dance that will make her laugh, make her cry, and make her remember.


Learning how to dance, whether for your wedding or for another social engagement, will last a lifetime. You can go out dancing for “date night” or simply stay in and dance barefoot in your living room after a candlelit dinner for two. It is something that the two of you can do together. It is also something that you can pass down to your children so when their big day comes, you will be able to give them the same memories you had on your wedding day.

Dance the floor with your beloved with the grace and style you envisioned so long ago. Let the Arthur Murray Las Vegas Dance Studio teach you how to make unforgettable memories that everyone at the wedding will talk about for years to come.

We Teach Same-Sex Couples

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