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GREAT Studio!

I LOVE going to this studio. The instructors are first rate and have really helped me improve my technique. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend my evenings and get good exercise at the same time.

Testimonial By: Cynthia
The Joy of Dancing

Three years ago I was presented with a challenge to do something I had never done before, to stretch myself, take a ballroom dance lesson. I called Arthur Murray and my wife and I took our first lesson. The folks at Arthur Murray were warm, caring and so encouraging. Fast forward three years and my wife and I enjoy weekly lessons. We feel like we are part of the Arthur Murray family and I enjoy so much the instructors, the group classes, showcase events and dance night out with the group. If you are even thinking about taking a dance lesson, the folks at Arthur Murray are the most kind, caring and professional out there. Oh! The Joy of Dancing.

Testimonial By: Ira
My healing experience

In the last 2 years, Arthur Murray Las Vegas became my second home. I am so glad I decided to learn to dance and found this great place. If you are considering give dance a try, this is the place to be. Instead to describe how great this place is. I’d rather reprint an article I wrote recently for a local newspaper:
By: Toni Brasted
Arthur Murray Las Vegas

I always wanted to learn to dance, but like many of us, what I wanted had been on the back burner in the benefit of NEEDED or MUST be done. But at the end of last year, I had decided that in 2014 I would participate in the Ms. Senior Nevada pageant. Knowing that I would need a talent was my excuse to finally make the decision to take dance lessons.
In 1992 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had severe pain in my entire body and terrible fatigue. It got so bad, that I couldn’t even go upstairs in my 2 story home. The doctor warned me, “Do whatever you can now, because I see you in a wheelchair in five years”.
I am a fighter … I decided then that if I wanted to get better, I would have to take the matter into my own hands. I stopped all the prescription drugs and started studying ALL the alternative healings possible. I have learned a lot which aids me not only to help myself but to help others. I had gotten much better and was able to function and have a normal life, but not without pain.
Inactivity is the worst thing for fibromyalgia patients. I was urged to exercise. Who wants exercise when even walking hurts so much?
I did try several exercise routines yoga, aerobics, stretching, walking etc.) but none lasted due to the pain.
When I decided to learn to dance, I was not sure if I was going to make it due to my limitations, but unlike the other previous exercise experiences, now I had a goal in mind. I was determined to do what it would take to have a talent for the Ms. Senior Nevada pageant.
I joined ARTHUR MURRAY DANCE STUDIO in October, 2013. It was the best decision I ever made. The instructors embraced me as a member of their family. They are the best group of people I have ever met. They always have a word of motivation and encouragement. They’ve become my second family. It does not matter what ails me during the day, I know that at night, the cheerful people and the dance, will make everything just right.
The students come from all walks of life and all ages. The advanced students do not hesitate to encourage and help the beginners. I have met so many good people in such a short time. Our time together is spent laughing having fun and enjoying each other.
What about fibromyalgia???? Most of the time I forget I have it. The pain is gone. I got my energy back. I can get in and out the car now in the first attempt. I do not have to dread movie theaters or airplanes because after sitting for a few hours I could not get up on my own. The terrible pain in my lower back disappeared after a couple of months of dance and never came back. As an extra bonus, I lost 14 pounds, but most important I am having so much fun, which makes all areas of my life much better!
I do have flare-ups and bad days. Those are the days I push myself to go dancing, because I know that after the class, the pain will be gone,
Am I continuing to dance after the pageant? Of course I am! As a matter of fact, I plan to live to 100 years and will be dancing all the way!

Testimonial By: Toni Brasted
Jon is very professional

Jon is very professional; quick resnpose to all questions and emails, very clear communication, and excellent work with very quick turnaround. I plan to refer others to him. Thanks Jon.

Testimonial By: Randi

Arthur Murray studio has made it easier for me to adjust in my new country, as I have just moved in to the U.S. First I just wanted to do dancing to fill up some free time. But now it became addiction. As I do the group classes and private lessons, I feel that my dancing skills are being more developed and advanced. All teachers are friendly, fun and patient. I feel like I’m home when I go to the studio.
Thank you

Testimonial By: Diana
Best dance studio in Vegas

I absolutely love this dance studio. I have received excellent instruction by a highly skilled staff, who have a passion for what they do. The staff has always been very friendly, courteous and attentive with regard to my needs. The instruction I have received has surpassed my expectations. The staff’s passion for dance has now been translated into my passion. I highly recommend Arthur Murray Dance Studio!

Testimonial By: Miles
Arthur Murray Las Vegas Rocks!

Some people say Arthur Murray is too expensive but I say “no way!” Dancing at Arthur Murray is an investment in fun! Dancing will keep you young-anyone can do it! Remembering steps keeps your mind working! Dancing is good exercise..and it is social!The dance professionals here love what they do and it shows!So go to Arthur Murray Las Vegas and have fun, learn to dance and make some friends..I certainly did!

Testimonial By: Carla
Amazing Dance Instructors

I went to Arthur Murray for our Wedding Dance with only two months before our weeding date and no previous dance experience. The instructor created a wedding routine that made us look great in the dance floor and exceed my expectations. After the wedding we continue to go back for more classes and now I found a taste for dancing. If you are shy and inexperienced don’t be afraid, the staff is fun, enjoyable, funny and best off all they make you feel like family.

Testimonial By: Noel B
Dance… Do it for YOU!!!

What would you think of someone who waited until their early sixties to really learn how to dance? I’ve been meaning to learn how, ‘really’ learn how, since high school. But something always got in the way. Finally, with a special event (family wedding) looming in the future, I decided I wasn’t going to settle for any more obstacles. And I wasn’t going to settle for third rate instruction either. I was going to do this for me this time. That was eighteen months ago. I’ve never made a better decision. There are facets of dance that I never knew before the experience. It goes way beyond the dance floor itself. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘enjoyment’ IS the main thing. But the effect it has on your confidence, coordination, outlook, posture, just plain general health, mental and physical, are big bonuses!!! And it’s the ‘people’ (instructors and fellow students) that makes it so pleasant an experience. There are a number of ways to ‘sound them out’ with no pressure on you at all. You can just walk in and talk to somebody. There are also what they call “Guest Parties” where you can talk to not only instructors but also current students. You can see people of all levels of progress doing a variety of dances. And if you want to ‘break the ice’ on that dance floor, right then, one of these folks will show you how to do one!!! Whatever motivation may have tempted you in the past, but you never got around to it (like me)… or if there’s an event in your future (a wedding perhaps?) or something else, special… This is a great place, probably THE place to get started. They have an excellent reason for being as good at it as they are. This year, 2012, they’ve been at it for a full century. So, think about it, soon. Do it for whatever reason you have, but also, do it for YOU!!!

Testimonial By: Steve T.
Arthur Murry Rocks!

I started taking dance lessons to get ready for a parent’s dance at my son’s wedding. That was 4 1/2 years ago and I’ve been dancing ever since. It is fun, great exercise, a confidence builder and I get to interact with wonderful and friendly instructors and students. I highly recommend Arthur Murray dance studio in Las Vegas!

Testimonial By: Betsy
Love this studio

Many years ago my husband bought me a gift certificate to Arthur Murray Las Vegas for my birthday and from the first lesson we were hooked. Now my 2 young children and my husband and I take private and group lessons every week. The teachers are the best! They are so professional and fun at the same time. They make learning so easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend this studio.

Testimonial By: hulesfam
Great studio

I first started ballroom dancing for my wife’s sake. We run our business together, and we were looking for something fun and recreational we could do together outside of work. Although it was my idea, I was doing it 100% for her. Despite never having had a dance lesson in my life, after a short while I was hooked!

This studio is really a lot of fun. The teachers are all so talented, kind, patient, and really just a lot of fun to be around. The group classes and private classes can be as challenging as you would like them to be. Its great exercise too!

We originally started at a different studio in town, but we found it amateurish and unprofessional to say the least. Luckily we found Arthur Murray, and we have never looked back!

Testimonial By: Mike

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