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Getting started has never been easier just call or email the Arthur Murray Las Vegas to schedule your New Student Dance Special Today. You will be assigned to work with one of our trained professionals to get an introduction to the exciting world of ballroom dancing. If you choose to move forward with your dancing your teacher will make a personal recommendation for you to become a better dancer based on personal interest, learning capabilities, and availability. Our new student packages are designed to fit all schedules and dancing budgets so get started today so you can be dancing tonight!

Have you ever watched professional ballroom dancers on TV or admired your friends as they seemed to glide effortlessly across the dance floor? You may have thought to yourself, “I could never do that!”. The truth is that many people just like you are learning the joys of ballroom dancing at our Las Vegas Dance Classes.

There are so many wonderful reasons to learn how to dance, and our Las Vegas area ballroom dance school can prepare you for all of them. Learn the proper steps to dance your weekend away, move gracefully at your wedding reception, become a regular dance member at a social club or even compete in ballroom competitions. Whether you want to learn the sensual Latin moves of the salsa and tango, the elegant movements of the waltz or the fun steps of swing, take a few Las Vegas Dance Classes, and you’ll soon be moving confidently out on the dance floor regardless of the occasion.

Perhaps you are looking for creative and fun ways to get in shape. Ballroom dancing is excellent physical exercise without the sweat and discomfort of running on a treadmill or around a track. Doctors often recommend dancing as an enjoyable way for their patients to gain flexibility and build stamina. At our local Las Vegas area ballroom dance school, you can dance your way to weight loss, toned muscles and overall physical fitness.

Ballroom dancing is the ideal opportunity to expand your social life. As a recreational activity, this elegant pastime allows you to meet and make new friends in a safe environment. Register for Las Vegas Dance Classes and learn how to master a few steps, a few dances or a wide variety of technical moves. No longer will you be the one who sits wistfully on the sidelines while your friends and family dance the night away.

Sometimes a special event or occasion seems to practically demand one’s presence on the dance floor. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and business celebrations are just a few of the reasons to find a partner and join the festivities. By attending our ballroom dance school, you will be well-prepared for those magical moments. With some lessons and practice, you’ll soon have the confidence to dance with any partner in the room.

Ballroom dancing is elegant and gracious but never stuffy or boring. Let our dance professionals teach you the tried-and-true, traditional Arthur Murray methods. After just a few lessons, you’ll be enjoying yourself on the dance floor and wondering why you waited so long to have this much fun.