Special Introductory Program

For student’s new to dancing or new to the Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance specialized teaching system, for only $99.00 we offer a special introductory program. This program allows you to experience the world famous Arthur Murray® teaching system by taking two 30-minute private lessons, one 40-minute group class and an invitation to attend a supervised dance practice session. This allows you to see what will happen during your Arthur Murray® dance lessons. You will have a personal experience of how quickly you will learn to dance at Arthur Murray®. Your professional, certified Arthur Murray® instructors will have an opportunity to work with you, interview you to better understand your personal dance goals, and then make a professional recommendation for the next “step” in your dance program!

"The classes were amazing, I would definitely recommend taking lessons at Arthur Murray to anyone interested in ballroom dancing! The foundation program was the perfect way to start our dancing career!"

− Satisfied Dancer

Basic Skill – Foundation Program

This program will be personally tailored for you by your Arthur Murray® Dance professionals. The Basic Skills – Foundation program will give you “survival skills” on the dance floor. The length of each dance students beginning program will be determined by the skill level and ability of the individual or couple, and your dancing goals. On average, most Arthur Murray® dance students will take a 4 to 8 week basic skills course, which includes private lessons, group classes and supervised dance-party practice sessions. This program is also an excellent springboard into more advanced social dance training.

New Student Offer

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