Why do I need a “certified” instructor?

In many industries employees must meet certain standards that are set forth by governing societies and in many cases to be a practitioner in a field one must be tested and certified by a Federal or State agency. Unfortunately, dancing instructors are not required by any Federal or State agency to show any level of knowledge or competency. That is, ANYONE can call themselves a dance instructor no matter what level of training or experience they might have.

Fortunately for you, all Arthur Murray Las Vegas instructors are required to be “certified” by an examiner representing the World Professional Dance Teacher’s Association. A “certified” instructor excels not only in the art of dancing, but just as importantly, the art of TEACHING dancing. All our instructors take certification exams in each level of dancing, from Pre-Bronze – Gold and some go further to Masters and Examiners levels. To even qualify to take an exam the instructor must have some teaching time experience in the level he/she tests. The certification process is quite rigorous as the candidate must successfully pass all the following parts of the exam:

1. A written exam covering dance theory

2. Solo demonstration of the lead & follow parts of each figure and variation

3. Dancing the material with a partner showing proper technique & styling as well as dancing as a leader AND follower

4. Verbal testing one on one with the examiner. It is here that the candidate is evaluated on his/her ability to verbalize dance theory, technique AND show successful teaching methods so that students can achieve the material, succeed in dancing AND enjoy the learning process.

To gain a certification from the World Professional Dance Teacher’s Association is indeed an honor. All our staff members are nationally certified and they are continually upgrading their certification levels. This ensures that they are always on the cutting edge, always having up to date knowledge of dancing and teaching methods as well as continually becoming better teachers. In other words, you can rest assured that your teachers at Arthur Murray Las Vegas are recognized as some of the best in the world!